Snow Daze

Too much snow. Enough mother nature, please!

As a private violin teacher, i only get to see my students once a week, and if there is a snow day, no lessons. Well this is the 5th monday in a row that i havent seen my monday kids.  Is this for real?!? Keep practicing, kids!

For a while we were having a blast playing in the snow…but now its up to sadies belly, and there is not much we can do out there.  Going stir crazy here! Currently we are snowed in at my mom’s, and sadie is running up and down the hall and making us count to see how fast she is.  The girl needs to let out some energy.  We miss you, Sun!

For the sake of having a more positive snow vibe, here are some pictures of us enjoying the snow…

IMG_4273 IMG_4274 IMG_4475 IMG_4476 IMG_4477 IMG_4478

sledding in the snow, eating the snow, creating snow beards, looking like an alien in the snow…


The sweetest little girl

Sadie says a lot of adorable things…this is part of why i adore this age so much. Sometimes they are embarrassing, sometimes ridiculous, and sometimes just incredibly sweet. The other night we were rockin the same messy bun, and i was giving her a piggy back. We stopped in front of the mirror and i said “look our hair looks the same! Are you just like me?” and she said “well i would like to be”.

My heart.

Some other Sadie-isms:

I told her i was proud of her for getting up at night to use the potty (she still wears diapers to bed). She said “yeah, my heart just felt like it”

“Look momma, my toes are just like a piano!” (as she “plays” her toes and sings

She bumped her head, let out a quick cry and suddenly stopped. I said, “Sadie are you ok?” “Yes, i thought it would hurt so i got ready to cry, but it didn’t hurt.” I said, “Oh did it just scare you real quick?” Sadie replied, “Yeah, like i almost pooped myself.”

There are so many more adorable things that come out of this sweet girl’s mouth, but those are a few that come to mind. She is just the best.


A din in the life

So much for posting every day, huh?

Anyways, Sadie and I love to cook together. Sometimes I get fancy and make new recipes, but the other night we just made a simple dinner that we make together often…pesto pasta with chicken and peas, with a cuke-tomato-feta salad (the latter is seriously one of sadies favorite things to eat, and both are easy enough and flexible enough for sadie to help out)
This is what it looks like when sadie helps. She stands on her stool and eats about half of whats going into the bowl…

This is just chopped tomatoes, chopped cukes, and crumbled feta with half a lemon juiced on top and some mint and olive oil (YUM) I am in charge of chopping. Sadie is in charge of crumbling, squeezing the lemon, sprinkling the mint and putting everything together….again, she eats so many veggies before they ever make it to the bowl


i cook up the pasta chicken and peas, and sades helps me put the pesto together in the nutribullet: basil, walnuts, lime juice, olive oil, and garlic. She loves pushing the nutribullet down for me too.

I always had a guilty feeling that i dont do too many kids crafts with sadie. But she does so many at school, and i’ve figured out that this is the kind of crafting she enjoys. If she doesnt grow up to be an actress or singer (so dramatic and musical) she will absolutely be a cook! she is the best little helper a girl could ask for!


Lets try this again!

Well i took quite some time off from blogging, but lets try this again!

I had a stressful last few months trying to balance everything going on.  School was a lot tougher and more demanding than ever before, I went from 10 hours of lessons a week to 14 hours, I was going to  and preparing for court constantly, and worst of all, Sadie was desperate for my energy and attention and therefore acting out.  Now that things have settled, we are back to our normal happy selves.  Sadie is such a threenager, and i love it.  The sass, the fashion statements, the hilarious things that come out of her mouth, and her extreme sweetness.  I love it all.  And I have finally learned how to spend time with her and get things done at once.  It doesn’t have to be be just one or the other! So hello again!

My goal is to write at least every other day…we will see how this goes! wish me luck!